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Simplify Sept 2

Simplify Sept 2

JRE_SSDLO_JustScrapIt_v01_LO5rotated horizontally, photo made smaller and brackets deleted and replaced.

1 TKA_PQ-Success_Paper-WeaveBrnColors altered ;2 BMU_Potpourri_Paper_Crackle-Purple; 3 BMU_Potpourri_Paper_Natural-Lavender

1 TKA_PQ-Success_Emb_Ribbons1; 2 TKA_PQ-Success_Emb_SafetyPin-Holes; 3 ABR_YouAre_Emb-Bracket; 4 CKA_ATAE_Emb_Pin-White ;5 JRA-Floralicious1-Emb-Brad1a

6 BMU_Potpourri_EMB_Strip-Sm-Pink; 7 BMU_Potpourri_EMB_PinkStalk; 8 BMU_Potpourri_EMB_Heart

AFT Soldered GlassStyle; SBA Basic Shadows6501

    Sweet!!! I love the stitched edges and the way you did your journaling.
    How pretty. Love the safety pin holding the ribbons and the textured papers. What a great picture for inspiration.
    Lovely colors and great job with the journalling. Very pretty young lady.
    This is gorgeous, Belle! I'm very impressed how you can match the colors in the photo with the colors in the kit. And the template you chose works perfectly.

    Belle, you really did a fantastic job with this. It is beautiful and so is Janelle.
    This is lovely Belle. I love the soft colors that complement the photo. Very pretty.
    Beautiful, charming lovely LO! Love the soft colors.
    Lovely colours and fantastic photo. The layers of stitched down papers and your list are great.
    This is so pretty. I do like all your embellishment choices for this and a lovely list for the journaling.
    That's a wonderful photo. I love the colours and your embellishments. Beautiful layout.