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Simplify September Week 2


Hilary Locke

Simplify September Week 2

This has been a great opportunity to scrap some of the literally hundreds of photos I took at TheParalympics. If you closely you can see Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) handing out medals. the photo was taken from the giant TV screen - no I wasn't that close to her!

BMU_JunkTrunk_EMB_Stars ( colours adjusted)

    Very nicely done!

    I love this, Hilary. What a great idea, doing the day and the night.
    I love the cut-out title.
    What a great page to scrap a wonderful memory! We don't get many chances to see Olympics/Paralympics in our lives let alone in our country and so these photos are even more special! You captured some great shots, I recognised the stadium immediately from tv :-) and yes I can see Kate!! Well captured :-) even as a country that thinks we don't care about the royals, I still find this exciting!! Great page! Love your union jack usage too!
    Great template for so many pictures! Love your cut-out title - looks great. Wonderful page.
    Clever cut out title that lets the paper underneath show through. I really like the way you laid this out and that you let some of the photos flow across two photo masks. Great job on this.
    A fantastic storyboard of the Olympics. I really like you composition nd the highlighting of the differences between London during the day and then at night. Your Alpha is perfect.
    Great photos and template. I love the title that is cut out and the flag paper below. I love the Royals and always read everything about them, so thank you for sharing your photos.
    Wonderful photos, it's looks like you had a wonderful time. I like that template and your title. The medal is a wonderful addition.
    Wonderful page and how awesome having tickets to see this event :)