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First, bad Grandmom.

Next, I loved those candy cigarettes when I was a kid, and I didn't grow up to become a smoker or criminal. Our "cigarettes" had a red glow on the end, plus "puffed" out smoke, and then you could blow the empty box and make loud horn noises, none of which are possible with these candies. Deteriorating quality, LOL?

So, DD went to grab the camera (iPhone4) after she saw Graham dangling the cigarette from his fingers, and when she retured found this. She has no idea where Declan learned this trick, which he apparently taught Graham. Also, check out the eyelashes! Un-retouched picture. Not fair! Blond hair is post beach vacation.

Finally, I hope it looks like "smoke" under the lower portion of the title. I got this result with a gradient style applied to the alpha. The title, "Cig-rette," is what Graham calls his candy.
ABR Count the Ways
ASO Alluring Autumn
ASO Bespoke
ASO Metro
BMU Junk in the Trunk
BMU SS Styles Emboss-Engrave
EBA SS Styles ATC Shadows
KSC SS Styles Burned Paper
MRE Photo Basics Chocolate With Color
MST Brush Set Scribbled
SNU Brush Set Bubble Wrap
SNU Spellbound Nano

    So, will DD EVER allow you near her kids again?? :lol: What's especially funny about our influence, is how the kids don't seem as quick to pick up the broccoli habit from us.

    This is a sensational layout! I love it all from the smoky title, to your funny journaling - complete with cool sunglasses - to the Danger sign. You know how much I love your blending. Here you've put together a wonderful combo of embellies that should be sinister, but somehow just have me rolling in the aisles.

    By the way, my friends and I used to "smoke" those candy cigarettes all the time, too. We were oh-so cool. I'm sorry to hear their quality has gone down. Not surprising, I guess.
    Oh, I love this, Dot! And yes, it does look like smoke! We used to "smoke" those yummy little candy cigarettes when I was little too and I just got a big kick out of seeing your "James Dean"! What a hoot!

    And, oh, those eyelashes! He's going to break a few hearts when he grows up, isn't he? Sweet little boy!
    This is just the sweetest photo and fun journaling. I love the title and blending. I think this is the cutest and loveliest layout. Great sign.