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Sweet & Spicy Almonds


© 2012, Barbara Crane, all rights reserved

Sweet & Spicy Almonds

We find these pretty addictive, and enjoy them as a change from sweet treats. Go easy on the cayenne if you're not sure you'll like the spiciness.

Barbara Crane, 2012
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Sweet & Spicy Almonds

    They DO sound addictive Barbara, and oh, so yummy! They sell something similar to your recipe here every year at our Apple Festival and just the aroma of them cooking draws me to them - also they sell some almonds that are vanilla flavored and oh, my - the mixture of those two aromas is just so inviting! I love your recipe card.
    I love nuts, not cayenne, though. I'd have to substitute. LOL Pretty card!
    Oh, I might have to hide this one from my husband. :D He LOVES them. I love the colors you used on your card. It is fun and grungy and still easy to read.
    OOOOOH YUM! I love Almonds and I love this recipe - going to make it TODAY! Love the card LO too.
    I like 'em sweet - just cut out the spicy lol - lovely card
    Love the colors and the black accents! I like the way you added "addictive"...not sure if this is a warning...or a sure sign this is a must try! ;)