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Monday Challenge: Procrastination- Science Guys

Monday Challenge: Procrastination- Science Guys

These are photos from forever ago of a trip that Jason and Sawyer took to see the Mythbusters in Syracuse. They love the show and had so much fun at the live event.

I used :


    Great photos. I love your title and colors. Really lovely template. I like the circles, ribbon and the way you journaled this.
    I love that you made it so colourful! It must have been a super experience for the boys!

    My kids, especially Ben, love that show. I love the bright colours and the circle borders. Fun layout
    Super fun layout, Shannon! I love the bright colors too - and I love your pics! How's Little Miss Ava?
    Great 2-pager. Love your background papers and circle borders. We love the science guys here, your boys must have had such a great time!
    This is a good looking double page. I am sure your boys did enjoy this event.
    What's not to love!?!? Adam and Jamie are the best!!! Fun page and bright colours give it some excitement, love that look on Sawyers face!!!