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I may not have a great voice but the babies don't seem to mind. My favorite music is a lullaby. The journaling reads:

My favorite music is a lullaby. I have always loved singing to my babies while I rocked them to sleep.Even when they woke up in the middle of the night I loved to wrap an afghan around me and a warm, sweet smelling baby and sing to them in the quiet of the night. One of my favorite lullabies is the one from the musical Peter Pan. Unlike Peter Pan, real children do grow up. One by one my three kids grew out of the lullaby routine. It was 26 years before I again had the pleasure of singing to a sleepy baby. Along came the grandchildren, Katie, Gracie, Josh, Maddie, and Molly. How sweet to once again cuddle a baby while she sleeps. Molly at 22 months, you are getting to the stage where you like to sing along or talk. You will often go to bed awake. Just when I think that lullaby time has come to an end again, you yawn and close your sleepy little eyes. While I sing your head droops against my shoulder and comes to rest. Thank you Molly for one more lullaby.
The lyrics are:
Once upon a time and long ago
I heard someone singing
Soft and low
Now when day is done
And night is near
I recall this song I used to hear
My child, my very own,
Don't be afraid, you're not alone
Sleep until the dawn
For all is well
Long ago this song was sung to me
Now it's just a distant melody
Somewhere from the past I used to know
Once upon a time
And long ago...

Peter pan

    An absolutely beautiful page Katie Grace. I love your journalling too and also sing to my grands as I did my own children. Gorgeous photo. Kay
    Reading your journaling just made me feel those feeling of rocking babies under a warm blanket and singing to them all over again - I love your chosen lullaby - it's beautiful and soothing. And I love the composition of your layout - it's so nicely done!
    Oh Katie Grace, this is breathtaking. Wonderfully heartfelt journaling and gorgeous photo and blending. I love the way you put together your soft, sleepy background and the colors you used - it's all so beautiful and peaceful. Super layout - makes me sleepy and I can almost hear that lullaby. :)
    Oh my - this is a beautiful, soothing page. The way you arranged Molly's beautiful face with music, journaling and the moon is lovely, and the background paper is perfect.

    And I remember that song. When the musical first appeared on TV, it was in black and white. I'm not sure how old I was, but old enough to recognize the poignancy of the song, sung by an adult Mary Martin, portraying an ageless boy. Much closer to Barrie's intent than the Disney version ever was, I think. Somewhere I still have the 45 rpm records from the show. Thanks for the memory.
    Wonderful journaling and such a sweet photo. Beautiful page!
    That is my favorite song from Peter Pan. My husband worked on the Cathy Rigby production when it was in town recently. This page is Gorgeous! It has a great flowing feeling. The crescent moon always reminds me of the Cheshire Cat smile from Alice in Wonderland.
    Love the soft dreamy background and journalling around the baby's face. It is amazing how babies respond to music. I can't carry a tune in a bucket, but my grandson used to love me singing to him while we rocked.
    I see NewGram had the same thought as I did - dreamy. I love the way the photo edges blend into the background and how you fit the journaling around his precious face. Very nicely done.