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HNC No photo challenge


Hilary Locke

HNC No photo challenge

this has taken me far longer than 1 hour I admit it! Once I had finalised the idea of what I wanted to create (it took me several failed attempts!), my design kept getting more and more elaborate. I'll submit it anyway becasue I am please with the result.

As always the challenges are making me think outside my usual frame of reference and this is a good technique because memorable events are not necessarily always caught on camera. TFL

BMU_Coastal_RopeTrim sand and shell
KME_ButterflyFX_Alpha-LC (colours adjusted)
ACA_OppAttract_Emb_Penant-Purple (colours adjusted)
BMU_AGDiary_EMB_Rock-Grn.png copy

    I love the template and the sailing boats. The banner is lovely and the colors really great. I really like the boat in the bottle. Super layout.
    love how you did the boat in the bottle
    I really love how you've hung your title on the ropes. Looks great! and the rolls make for a great message in a bottle - how extraordinarily clever!
    Great layout, I like your "ship in a bottle" and the way you did your title.
    This is super! I really like how you used the ropes and the ship in a bottle. I'm still struggling to find an idea for mine.
    I love the colors and the nautical feeling of your layout. Love the ship in a bottle, the sailboat outside, and the way you hung the title on ropes. The banner adds some great extra color as well. Lovely LO!
    Great layout! I really like your nautical theme and the design with the window & banners. That sounds like so much fun!