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I recently scanned some old greeting cards that my mother had kept. Most of them date from the '40's and '50's. I guessing she kept this one because I was finally old enough to sign my name -- just before my 4th birthday.

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How wonderful that your Mum kept the card. I like the background and the mat, great embellishments too. Fantastic layout.

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this is soooo great...love the layout and that you have this vintage card with YOUR signature...it is all so about why we save these things ( i have lots of cards my 3 dd gave me, drew , poems etc...now i feel inspired and confirmed in why we save ) and why we SCRAP


just love it all

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How sweet of your mother! I went home a week after Easter one week & asked to borrow the card I'd made to show someone. It was already tossed out! I was very insulted.

Anyway, this is so sweet, lovely background for the card & how neat you have your earliest siggie.

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Oh, my goodness-this is so touching. Not only that your mom kept the card, but that you were able to create a lovely layout from it. How special to have your beginning penmanship recorded, too. Lovely.

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