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Ties her own shoes!

Ties her own shoes!

I knew I tied everyone's shoes for them in my kindergarten class, but I had no idea I learned so early!
I LOVE that my mother wrote these little stories. She didn't take many photos; next time I complain about that, remind me of these. :) My mom was amazing.

The story - in case my mother's pencil is hard to read:
When April was a very little girl, even before she was three, she wanted to dress herself.
It is hard for little girls to get dressed alone. Buttons just won't go in the holes, and sometimes their heads get stuck inside their dresses.
April had a big sister name Patty that liked to help. It would have been very easy for April to let Patty dress her every day. But April only let Patty do things that were hard for April. April did as much as she could all by herself. And she found out that every day she could do even more all by herself.
When April was three years old she could get everything on all by herself. Patty didn't need to help anymore at all. Except for one thing. April was still too little to tie her own shoes. But then no three year old can tie her own shoes. Well I never heard of a three year old that could tie shoes. Until Danny showed April how.

ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Lace It Up, designed by Ang Campbell
My Sweet Baby Girl Collection, designed by Keri Schueller

    This is just adorable April! The lace it up paper and sweet little flower and butterfly embellishments are just perfect. Wonderful soft colors and great story too. Something in your mom's own handwriting is certainly a treasure. Beautiful page!
    This is an absolutely precious layout. A treasure! Your mom is AWESOME for documenting the stories!!! And you've created a gorgeous layout to showcase it :)
    Absolutely lovely! Your mother had a gift for writing. How lovely that you have this memory.
    April, your journaling is awesome. It sounds like you had a wonderful Mom growing up. That's why you are so good at everything you do. I LOVE your layout and hope to see many more 'notes' from your Mom scrapped.
    Cute, cute, cute! Super sweet page and I love your Mom's story :)
    Love your Mum's story, what a wonderful treasure to have. I love the soft colours you used, and the lace it up template, need to look at those.
    What a gift your Mother has given you with her writings, April - it must be such a warm feeling for you to go back and read all of her notes. Your layout is so sweet and I really enjoyed reading your Mom's journaling - beautifully done.
    What a wonderful story your Mother tells here! And a treasure for you. I love how you've laced up the paper. Sweet colors and embellishments, too -- and a beautiful page!
    You've always been an over-achiever, April. How precious your mom journaled abou these everyday moments that give a window into who you were as a little girl. Precious.