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Squatters Camps

Squatters Camps

ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: City Slick Skylines
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ScrapSimple Paper Templates: City Slick

Driving along the freeway in South Africa, we saw miles upon miles of these Squatters Camps. While the poor conditions were heartbreaking and very overwhelming, I couldn’t help but notice that despite their humble little homes, in their humble little city, the PRIDE of home-ownership was clearly visible much of the time by the brightly painted huts. Even in absolute destitution, the price of a can of paint is worth the sacrifice to make their home special.

    Brandy, this looks just like a squatter camp next to the N2 between Somerset West and Cape Town. Were you in Cape Town. I love the layout especially the way you made the layout B & W with just a touch of color.