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Sept 21 - Color - Central Park Fountain

Lately one of my favorite colors has been aqua. You see it all around in Florida. This is a photo from a local park fountain. I think it is sweet that it is named Central Park...reminds me of home.




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Ohhhhh.. This is so beautiful. I love your soft background with all the shades of aqua and I really like the butterfly and embellishments you used. Your photo is just gorgeous and I like the curls and how cool to have a "Central Park" in Florida. Great layout.

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Beautiful layout and gorgeous aqua colors. I love the curled edge photo of the water fountain in Central Park in Florida. The sky reflected in the water is stunning.

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Beautiful photo with that inviting-looking aqua water. Gorgeous color! Your bg is so pretty and I love the flowers and butterfly. This is such a pretty page!

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What a magnificent photo!!! Please tell me you tweaked it and it isn't that fabulous in real life...real colours aren't that stunning are they?? Fantastic shot!!! I love the curl too and the beatiful imagery around the border, it ites in with the fountain theme so beautifully. Made me smile to see you have a Central Park in Florida too, and a little sad for you.

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Beautiful photo, the reflection you captured is stunning!! I like the curled photo and the photo turns! Thank you for participating!

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