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20120115 Butterlies at Wisley

20120115 Butterlies at Wisley

A layout I've been dreading due to the number of pictures of butterflies and flowers we had, but thanks to the Lots of Shots 2 template it was easier than I expected.


On a cold January day what can be better than going to the large hot house at the Royal Horticultural Society garden at Wisley and visiting the large hot house. The building covers an area equal in size to ten tennis courts and is 12m high. It has three climatic zones, recreating tropical, moist temperate and dry temperate habitats, housing many exotic plants. Butterflies were flying freely in the tropical humid section so we were able to walk amongst them and at times almost touch them. Beth had a great time because she loves butterflies. Matthew stayed with Grandpa Peter and slept through the whole visit.



    What a great page -- love your collection of shots!
    I absolutely adore the butterflies. I even spotted a couple that I've never seen before. I'll have to go look them up in my butterfly books. I've used that template before and it's great. You did a great job laying out the photos.
    great layout, love the flow of the photos