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Ava's Turtle Shell

Ava's Turtle Shell

Loving Brandy Hackman's fun kit for this month! I love layout templates and it make is so easy to USE the club! This is Ava in one of her many fun cloth diapers! They are so fun, cute and Earth friendly too!!!

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    It is such a good idea to record the children in nappies. I think we have 2 of my daughter and none of my son, but then the wraps for their nappies are just plain white so not as exciting as those.

    Good memory recorded :)
    Such a cutie-pie! Looks like she 'fell out'. Like the SSClub template you used for her! Precious
    Oh, my - that is a cute diaper. What did she do to her poor nose - is she trying to walk already?
    I have never seen nappies like that before - what a great idea. Lovely use of the SSClub.
    Sweet photos and great page Shannon! Real nice use of the SS Club this month!
    Those diapers are sure a lot more stylish than the old plain-whites! Ava and the layout are adorable. I love the colors you've used and how you put this together. Wonderful layout -- and it's always a treat to see your baby photos!
    I can't believe she is this big already! she is so adorable! (good for you using cloth, I did on the first 10 kids, but now I am lazy)
    She is so sweet. I've never seen colored diapers before. Lovely layout.
    Boy times have really changed! What fancy diapers! Good for you for using cloth. I just got a lecture from my DD about why she is thinking of using them the next time! Really neat use of this month's club. Perfect for her "outfit"!