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Thursday 20sep12 Symmetry challenge LHS

Thursday 20sep12 Symmetry challenge LHS

LHS of a double...

I read this challenge and read the tutorial (several times!) and tried to incorporate the ideas of balancing colour ie bright vs pale and photo placement ie top left vs bottom right... I also did something I very VERY rarely do (maybe once before??) - I used flowers on a boy layout... the background here is outside Callan's classroom and adjacent to Aidan's and the art works are done by both their classes... so I wanted to keep them as part of the focus... and flowers seemed the best way to do this...I also tried balancing out the columns from the artwork (Ancient Greece inspired by the Olympics I think!) with the paper to elongate the eye line...


    Wonderful double page spread Jode! I think you did a fantastic job on this and I love how you brought out the colors of the photos as well as the lines of the columns. I love it all! Thanks for taking part in the challenge!
    Great photos. I love the lifted corner and the cluster. I also like the way you did your title. Those boys are going to break plenty hearts when they grow up.
    Great photos and very sweet layout, love the lifted corners to.
    I love how your two photos hint to symmetry with lots of photos and without having to be exactly symmetrical.
    Great job picking ellies to match the artwork! Awesome page.
    I don't know how I missed these last week! They are gorgeous. I love the looks on their faces. The flowers work beautifully because of the photos themselves. I love it with the stripes, too. Love the lightbulbs!
    Wonderful photos and CONGRATULATIONS to your smart boys! Lovely two-pager... :)