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Tuesday Freebie Challenge 9/25

Tuesday Freebie Challenge 9/25

This is a photo of Stellar Sea Lions lazing on the shore near Valdez, Alaska.



    Yor photo and lace works really well with the freebie. Wonderful colors.
    The freebie paper picks up some of the colour tones tones in the water. Lovely photo too.
    I really like the way you've used the chevron on just part of the page. Nice work!
    I too like the color tone you chose for the freebie and I love your use of lace as a border. I love sea lions, they are so fun to watch. Great photo!
    What a great photo! They must have been fascinating to see.
    I love the lace edging with the freebie paper. Beautiful colors in your LO.
    Wow -- amazing photo! I love how your gold ribbon and tag pull out the color of the sea lions.
    Great blend on the papers and wonderful framing of that awesome photo.
    What an amazing photo of those sea lions. I love the papers and how you split them, they go so well together and the lace with the gold frame around the photo is great. I remember when I was in Carmel, CA years ago and we drove the 17 Mile Drive and stopped at the Seal rock and was overwhelmed by the amount of sea lions and birds on the rock. Wonderful.
    Great shot!!! I didn't even know you could get brown sea lions! Love how you only partly used the zig zag paper over the other one and change the blending, it works really well... and keeping the embellishments mostly monotone is perfect for this page. Well done.