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September 2012 ATC Challenge -- My Inheritance Blue Willow

My mother handed down her beautiful Blue Willow dinnerware. Unfortunately there aren't many pieces left in the set, but I treasure each and every one that is left. Blue Willow is my favorite pattern and I finally found an outlet that sells the pattern, ones that were made in England.



Supplies Used:

BMU Blue Collection -- Paper-Branch, Paper-Soft Blue

KME Butterfly Effect Collection -- Butterflies

VRA Batik Collection -- Alphas recolored using PSE10 Style Glass Buttons Deep Blue

I used Bevels as frames for the photos

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Beautiful, Carol! Just beautiful! I have one - just one piece - left from my Mom's Blue Willow and I treasure it so! Wonderful photos!

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I've always loved Blue Willow -- how wonderful that you inherited some pieces of it! The photos here are lovely, and your background is perfect!

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Another lovely card Carol - love the Willow Pattern myself - I think my Mother's got a couple of pieces - I may get them too :dancingelephant:

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