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Friday Challenge Hobbies


Hilary Locke

Friday Challenge Hobbies

Oh dear - I really dont like creating pages about myself. however thetutor on my family history course says that we should start with recording facts about ourselves. So I suppose I should do more! Anyway here it is -

SNU_LearningCurve_Nano-Pprs and frame


I have always loved learning and started attending evening classes within a year of graduating from college. When I decided to retire, my first aim was to get enrolled on some interesting courses. So, in the past 3 years I have dipped into these subjects - physical geography, Viennese music, palaeography, family history, Victorian history, Russian history, timber-framed buildings, archaeology, filmography...

    Great photo, Hilary and I love the frames; especially the pop of red that brightens the whole layout. What an interesting set of classes you have taken. I was a geography major and am really sorry we can't get together to chat about some of your classes.
    Well I love it Hilary! Your expression of interested curiosity goes so well with the layout. I love the red pop it evokes those moments of startled excitement, when you suddenly realise you now know something you didn't know before. Wonderful.
    That's a great hobby. I admire you for going to school even after graduation.....
    Nice colors and alphas. well done
    Hilary, I love that you've done this about yourself! And how awesome that you want to continue to study! Great layout and I think you should do more about you! I enjoyed seeing this!
    I love this! It's so wonderful to hear something about you. It sure sounds like you've managed an ambitious schedule! I love your bg blending, the colors you've used and the way you framed your beautiful photo. This is a great page!
    What a great page! I love the photo of you. You look very relaxed and scholarly in it! ;) I think we are all a bit guilty of not scraping our own stories. Thanks for challenging me with your LO!
    This is awesome, Hilary! I can totally relate, I'm a perpetual student myself. I like the stacked look to the "books" under your photo.
    Yay Hilary! We don't see many photos of you and I like seeing you :-) You have certainly studied a wide and varied range of subjects but why not? Life is never boring if you keep learning new things... I like the stacked books too and the red, and the 'vintage' items but all of this is still happening!!! wonderful journalling too, sometime in the future relatives will be so grateful to have a page that tells them what you were like, well done!!!
    Nice one Hillary. I am also an eternal student. Got my first degree at age 55. This layout is wonderful. I love the photo and the journaling and layering of the papers. and how smart are you? wow all those subjects I would never have thought of to do - especially family history - I leave that to my sisters. I'll scrap them and make books - but research? Up to them.
    First of all, may I simply say that you are an amazing woman. Oh, it's certainly a great scrap page design, very well done - but your accomplishments are truly fantastic. Your wide range of interests are fun, exciting, mind-blowing and downright courageous. RIGHT ON, LADY!