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Friday Customer Challenge 9/28/2012

Friday Customer Challenge 9/28/2012

Journaling: I love to make jewelry, and I use many different materials to make my pieces: Beads, chain maille, polymer clay, wire, and other creative items. Then I donate my pieces to various fund raisers to spread the good KARMA, and make a difference to others.



My embellishment designs:
Stickpin and Buttons

    Pretty layout and I liked looking through your photos and reading your journaling. Your jewelry is so pretty and what a nice idea to do with it.. Lovely.....
    Love your photos and the great journaling. Very pretty layout. It's so great that you donate these for charities.
    How great that you donate to charities!! Your photos are great and I like the way you lifted them and stapled them! Thank you for joining the challenge!
    Great series of photos to illustrate you hobby. That pinky color is a great choice & I like the bit of watercolor effect.
    Fabulous photos and craft. I love the way you 'staples' the photos. I love that you donate to charities as well. My dream is to have an after school and Summer "camp" that needy kids can come to - I'd teach arts and crafts.
    Great photos of your lovely work! You must be a very patient person to work with tiny beads. I like the colors on your page and the way you've pinned and stapled the pieces. Wonderful hobby -- and good for you to donate your creations!
    What a great hobby, working with beautiful beads and stones to make lovely jewelry. Your photos look great on those templates and your jewelry is so pretty!
    I would love to make jewelry too but I spend too much time scrapping! Lovely layout showcasing your talent.