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Sept Swap for Lei

Sept Swap for Lei

Journaling: On one of our camping trips we discovered this quaint little museumin Presque Isle. It was set up in an old Victorian house and in one of therooms upstairs it portrayed an old millinery shop. Well, two silly grown-ups,out to have some fun could not resist modeling some of these “fancy hats”. Wewould put one on and both just giggle at our silliness as we “snapped” picturesof each other.

I just love these photos that Lei sent. Don't you think she is beautiful?

I tried to shape the printing to the hat but when I got the one corner right, the other corner was wrong.

JCO_SSDLT_UTB_LO1; ACA_OppAttract-June2012 Scrap Girls Club; LLO_NatureInspiration_Nano_Leaf;LLO_NatureInspiration_Nano_Flower

LLO_NatureInspiration_Nano_Flower2; LLO_NatureInspiration_Nano_Bird;ACA_LoveIrrev_Emb_Ribbon; BMU_Coastal_Sand

SBA Basic Shadows6501; ABR_TenderMoment_Emb-String

    Love your photos, Lei. Love what you did with them, Belle. Now we know what you wanted the top hat for. Wonderful, fun layout.
    Cool layout, Belle and I love how you journaled on the top hat! I also really like how you arranged the photos and the ribbon and title looks great.
    hahaha...gotta love grow-ups that can play! WTG, Lei. Belle, I love the top hat shape that you used.
    You both look very dashing Lei and certainly looks like a fun time :) Love your title Belle :)
    I DO think Lei is just beautiful, Belle and your layout is such a fun one! I love the top hat frame that you've used for that wonderful picture of Lei - and oh, they do look as if they are having a "top hat ball" trying on all of the different hats! I suspect Lei is as fun as she is beautiful and her beauty within is amazing. Great layout!
    Ha ha, these photos are great Lei! And Belle, you made such a fun and colourful LO with them!
    What fun photos to work with! I love the journaling in the hat shape. Great job with the swap!
    Belle, I couldn't be more pleased! You did a great job with our silly pictures! That top hat was a great idea ... and the title is perfect! ... thanks so much!!

    Lei is beautiful inside and out! I think my favorite hat is the one that looks like fur or hair or something (the red one) LOL- my hat's off to you! LOL