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2012-9-27 brush challenge

2012-9-27 brush challenge

sorry didnt make the chat but used brandys new grunge templates and lots and lots of brushes..so thanks for the challenge

i have so many brushes and dont really use them a lot..shame on me

cc much appreciated

    What a gorgeous little boy!!!! That face!!!! This is so wonderful.... framing his expression like that makes it all the more priceless... I can read some of the journalling and I agree with you - what is going through that mind?? And I can imagine you both have some long wonderful chats.... Love the colours which keep the focus on his face... Well done!!!!

    What a beautiful photo! He's one handsome guy -- and just look at those eyes. I love your colors here. The brushwork is spectacular!
    love the framing of his face! And good for you trying out your brushes again, I go through spurts.
    Into my Favs. I love it.
    Turned out gorgeous Bobbie... Stunning!
    WOW. Love this. Especially how you framed his face. This is a real beauty of a layout. Excellent work.
    Oh I love to see the bright soft faces of children...and framing his face close in really emphasizes just how precious his face is.
    Gorgeous page and fantastic brush work!