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School Dinner/Dance

School Dinner/Dance

Here is my LO for Simplify September Week 4. Repeating 3 embellies became a challenge, not sure if I really like it. I nixed the journaling since after page looked overcrowded. Working on a facing page that will complete DS's school event, a dinner/dance. OH MY!!!I I don't have enough "boy" supplies from which to chose so I'll have to return to the Boutique.

September Challenges were fun....wonder what October will bring...

    Nice tropical layout. I really like the way you used the palm fronds, it looks like the came right out of the photos. Nice work!
    Lovely page! I love the palm trees in the background and the blended papers. Beautiful colors and great photos too:)
    Wonderful! Your paper and palms match so well - great choices for the 3x embellishments.
    I think youve chosen well and given the page a suitably masculine feel. What a grand young man!
    He is such a handsome boy. Love the photos. Great embellishments and colors.
    Great job featuring the happy, good looking boy. It is definitely not a girly layout even with the flowers which you were wise to keep small, but I'd ask the boy if he'd prefer a substitute for the flowers.

    I see you found great tropical brushes! I love the lush look of the page. Wonderful photos (he sure is handsome!) and wonderful colors. Beautiful blending, too.
    Even though you used embellishments that aren't typical boy embellishments, they go great with your photos. Love the arrangement of the two smaller photos. (I agree with Dianne - he is handsome!)
    I think these all look great! The palm leaves complete your tropical theme. Great frames, too. Your young man is very handsome.
    The palm fronds look neat since there is one behind him in the photo. Handsome young man! :)