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Simplify week4 - Our Night at Blackall

Simplify week4 -  Our Night at Blackall

This was during our holiday in July this year in the outback of our state.
Photos - the three on the right have all had filter work done on them by Topaz to make them into oil paintings which was fun... my plate was not dirty - that was what the filter did to the photo.
My three embellishments - bracket, flower, cup
Brush work - blue around edges of the patterned paper as the more intense blue brush work on the left side was already on the paper

Credits: please see EXIF

    Excellent job, of course! I really like the color combination you used--really pretty. I'll have to try them on a LO. Also like the BG paper and the whimsical flowers. Pretty LO.
    Cute layout. The 3x repeat worked well for you. Nice job!
    Beautiful layout! Wonderful pics of your holiday and love the blended paper in the background :)
    Wonderful layout. The blue brush work looks super.
    A lovely arrangement Anne-Marie! The food looks yummy and I can just imagine the taste of the billy tea. There's so much on the page byut its not in the least cluttered.
    Wow, this looks like a great time. The food looks delish. I love your design and embellishments. Lovely layout.
    I like this a lot but would darken the light blue alphas - hard to read. Great placement of photos and embellishments, and the center paper was a wonderful way to unify the design.

    I love that you take pictures of meals! These are fun. I like the pretty colors of your page, too. I admit to chuckling over the THREE tea cups! Actually, I think the page came together beautifully.
    Love the way you connected the three pictures with brackets. Very neat idea! Meal looks good!
    Looks like a good deal. The meal looks tasty & you got entertainment as well! I like the design with the photos around the freeform shape. Pretty colors & flower, too.