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Simplify September LO4 Rigeleje


Simplify September LO4 Rigeleje

This wasn't easy!
Step 1 4 photos
Step 2 one photo used style SNU_SSStyles_SoftColor6301
Step 3 added two papers from JCO_CollectionBiggie_UnderTheBoardwalk
Step 4 3x3 embellishments used sand, flying seagulls and standing seagulls from JCO_CollectionBiggie_UnderTheBoardwalk
Step 5 brushwork i used STI_Brush_Seagull
Step 6 shadows and bevels PSE standard

Rigeleje is a camping park on the east coast. We spent a night there with our caravan in the beguinning of September when it was still summer in the air. I accidently scared away all the birds that were resting in the sand...

    What an interesting use of bevels...I love it.
    Lovely photos Lena. I love the papers and colors. Your embellishments are great. Pretty layout.
    Lena this is wonderful! Love all the movement of the birds in the photos, above and behind the photos. I also really like that striped paper, so beachy!
    What a gorgeous page. I love how you beveled the photos and your background is gorgeous. Also really like the birds and sand embellishments... Wonderful layout.
    Beautiful photos! I love the way you've blended the striped paper and bird picture into the background. Very pretty blues! And your bird embellishments are perfect!
    I think you did a great job with the challenge! All the bird embellishments are wonderful and add to the beachy feel of the layout. Great job! :)
    I love your choice of background colors and the blending with the brush work. I can hear the seagulls now! Pretty page, Lena.
    I love the beveled pictures & all your gulls. Great job on the background & the colors are so pretty & summery.
    OH my! Your seagulls look like they are flying right off the page. Wonderful!
    Really beautiful photos, and colors. Love the seagulls 'flying' off the page.