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Sept 29 - Color Challenge - Rugby Kids

Sept 29 - Color Challenge - Rugby Kids

Pics from last weekend's Rugby game.

"This was the best fun we had all game. Within a half hour of arriving these photos were taken, shortly after the dark clouds moved in and it poured rain with thunder and lightening for nearly 2 hours. We retreated to the car to read and play video games while Dad and the team played in the mud!"

Sahlin March Template

    Ha, how cute! I like the colors and the photos are so fun. At least you got a little fun in there before it rained! ;)
    Rugby? In Florida? Wow and awesome. Such cute photos. Great composition; I really like the way you've used the alpha as an embellishment.
    Good use of the challenge colours. like the arrangement of the photos very much. Good work.
    I really like how you arranged your photos. The colors in the photos are perfect for the challenge. Did you let your dh in the car when the game was over, lol? Thanks for joining the challenge!
    Great photos and arrangements - lots of movement yet balance to your page. I really like your background and enjoyed your journaling.