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Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Looking out of the window on the night of August 31st, there he was: Mr. Full Moon, just beautiful! I got my camera and - my first try at photographing the moon - took a few shots. To my surprise, some turned out well. Reading the newspaper next morning, I realized what special moon I had captured: the Blue Moon! I've often used the expression 'once in a blue moon' and love that old song 'Blue Moon' but now, I asked myself, what exactly is a 'Blue Moon' ? A 'Blue Moon' is referred to when 2 full moons appear in the course of one same month. In August, the first one appeared on the 2nd and the so called 'Blue Moon' on the 31st. I thought I'd scrap this rare occasion! If you too would love to see that 'Blue Moon', watch out for July 31st 2015!

(Needless to say that on the photos I took, the moon was not blue!! But, with the help of PS, I gave him that touch of 'Blue')


Brandy Murry:
Beautiful Black Paper
Dynamic Brush Set: Twinkling

Brandy Hackman:

Font: Times New Roman


    Love it. Great shot of the moon and I love the stars in the night sky. The skyline looks wonderful!
    Gosh what a gorgeous shot you got and I love how you scrapped it. The stars are so sparkly, the skyline so iredescent and I love the ethereal look to your page.
    Sweet shot and lovely scrapping!
    Great photo ^& a clever touch with the hint of blue. The skyline is a wonderful idea, too. Wonderful layout and very informative.
    Wonderful photo! I love that you gave the moon a touch of blue! And I really like your skyline background! Pretty page - beautifully done!
    Beautiful photo. And great layout. The moon really was amazing at the end of the month. Your background is so pretty with the stars and I lie how the skyline is outlined. Stunning.
    Great layout and wonderful photo. I love the soft glow and the touch of blue. Wonderful background too.
    Great moon shot. I like the way you were able to make it look like the moon is casting a glow. Nice work!
    gorgeous page! such a peaceful layout!
    Fabulous page! Your moon photo looks wonderful and I love how you used the skyline in your layout too.