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Frustrations - Monday, Oct 1 Challenge

Not being able to fix something is my greatest frustration in life. I've learned all I can do is love.


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Oh my goodness Sara! What an emotional layout! You have captured your feelings so wonderfully. The layout really shows both your pain and your love. I'm not sure how you did this, but it is beautiful.

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Sara this is wonderful - so visceral I can feel the emotions from your page. I like what you did with the photo and your background is amazing. Touching words, but true.. Super, duper layout and so from the heart.

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This is very, very powerful, Sara. I'm so glad you are comfortable sharing it here. You've done an amazing layout. Thanks so much for joining in this week's Monday challenge- twice.

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Your page is amazing in the emotion it communicates, and so poignant. The verse you chose must help you to cope with your frustration. You've shown us that, above all, love gives you strength to endure.

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