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Oct 2 - Freebie - Merci

Oct 2 - Freebie - Merci

This layout has taken on a bit of a more serious tone than I originally intended. At first, I was thinking Samurai - seeing Dylan with the swords, but then I thought of the boy opposing him and I thought of merci and peace and nearly closed out of Photoshop. I hated that Dylan had the swords (styrofoam and belonged to the boy not Dylan)in his hands with is eyes fixed on the boy; then I queried Peace and Merci and came across this poem by Robert Frost that seemed to be surprisingly fitting. It is a longer poem, I just included the first paragraph. Then I felt it needed more peace and added the words from The Beatles, Give Peace A Chance. I am still not entirely comfortable with it but thought it may be fitting for the world we live in.

Lyrics - Give Peace A Chance - The Beatles
All we are saying is give peace a chance, all we are saying is

    I absolutely love how you've blended the words to the Beatles song into the background of this wonderful layout, Cheryl Ann! Dylan does look focused with his swords - but I think any boy that age would love to be in that position with stryrofoam swords! I can see my boys doing that now! Love the Robert Frost poem you used - perfect for this layout. Amazing background - love what you've done mottling the colors in it! Fabulous layout!
    ooh- the red splotches really make you think of blood! Great idea to blend the words to the Beatles song. Poem is great. Boys will be boys!
    Your background is so explosive, and reflective of the anticipated action. And your lyrics and poem provide such a counterpoint. The whole layout is wonderful!

    I have no brothers, and no sons, but one grandson and I've watched little boys play. If you don't allow them toy weapons, they'll make guns and swords of sticks; if sticks are few, fingers will do. I don't know why, but they just seem to be wired that way!
    I like all the colors and the frame you used! The poem and lyrics add softness to the LO!
    Great grungy page and the poem is just perfect!
    Wow, Cheryll Ann - what a thoughtful page. I enjoyed reading your notes and dilemna - me too, just not comfortable with sword and gun play, but I've seen a little one pick up a french fry to use as a sword when a toy one wasn't around... :0 I see your struggle in your page, but truly appreciate the poem you found and words you chose - showing how torn this issue is. I love how you used the bright "blood" red along with the hopeful sky/cloud/brightness. Your journaling is brilliant and adds a deep dimension to the layout. Wonderful work.
    Very much expresses how you feel - And I love your choice to include "Give Peace A Chance". Very thoughtful page. I like the kit items you chose to put it all together.
    Interesting grungy page 'n words