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Monday Challenge Oct 1 - Venting Frustrations

Monday Challenge Oct 1 - Venting Frustrations

Journaling: Our house is being remodeled. A simple idea to re-paint and re-carpet has turned into stripping the house down to its bare walls. (WHAAA?) We had to rent a house down the road to move into temporarily while this work is being done. It will be a special “forever” home to us once it is done......but in the meantime......... I HATE REMODELING!


ASO_TangerineDream_Clips_Spcl-Digi.png (Changed the gem to Denim with “styles”)

(I created the tag, string and stickpin in Photoshop)

    Oh, I know that frustration! (The main floor of our house had to be redone after a water leak before we could move in. It did turn out to be a wonderful outcome, but that almost 3 months was a royal pain!) I really like your layout! The large blue doily (?) and the tan paper strip are very soothing next to the dark stripes and the dark embellishments. you did a beautiful job with the tag and stickpin. Thanks so much for joining in this week's Monday challenge!
    Wow, this is great. I really like how the background paper mimics the wood beams in the house and the colors are perfect with your photos. Remodeling is a big hassle and can be super frustrating. I like how you used the stickpin (ouch) and the lightening bolt and boom as embellishments to exaggerate the frustration.
    Oh, I know that frustration too! I love the composition of your layout! The striped paper looks great with the blue doily behind those photos and I absolutely love your "ugh" with the pretty little pin! (Kind of makes light of the word ugh somehow! LOL
    A BIG project, but you will love it when it is done! Nice pictures and great embellishments to depict your frustration. You will have to do another layout for us when the project is done.
    I've heard that before. Your job really did turn into a monster. It will be gorgeous when it is finished, though. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be that you actually had to move out. Nice looking layout, though. Lovely colors & I like the stripes & angles of the photos.
    You've done a wonderful job expressing your frustration - the navy accents (and the Ugh!) are perfect for this page. The stripes are a great active background, and the colors work very well.

    I can sympathize; DH and I redid our kitchen - ourselves! - about 20 years ago. For six weeks we cooked in a microwave and electric skillet in the basement, and hooked the dishwasher up to the utility sink; I had to move it to get to the washer. But it got done - and I'm never doing it again! Hope all goes well for you.
    WOW what a nice coloring you used, Oh I know what you'r feeling....we are just a long long time remodeling and it's never ready, there is always a thing that he would like to change about it.
    Wel done on your layout
    Wonderful page to vent you frustrations, but this has to be so exciting too!
    Awesome page ~ can't wait to see the after photos.
    I can see your frustration - on the other hand - how wonderful to be able to pull walls down and make such fantastic changes! When you get it done it will att be worthwhile and you'll forget all the frustration.
    Great photo's - I know your frustrations but in the end it will be Purrfect :walkinghelmet: