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Project SG Challenge 2012, Week 33

Project SG Challenge 2012, Week 33

This is the third incarnation of this LO. I just couldn't get it to work, but Cheri's new templates came to the rescue!

I struggled with the layout for this week because truly? Nothing much happened! I had very few photos to show for these seven days but maybe a slow week was a good thing in the grand scheme of things. Dave and I were still working on getting the choir room cleaned out and set up, as the choir was due to start back the next week. We found a very old box of Christmas decorations and got silly playing with the tinsel. Our little dancing flower graced our dashboard for a while until it met a sudden end thanks to slamming on the brakes. *sigh* And our women’s group did what they do best, providing refreshments for a reception following a funeral.

Style: Wow-plastic Black,
Fonts: Dateline, CK Journaling,

    So sorry about your dancing flower - those things are so cute! Nice layout - very clean lines & a pretty color.
    OOooh, I spy someone using one of my templates! :) Looks terrific Becky, and had to laugh at the funny tinsel pics - your dancing flower put a smile on my face too. I like the chevron ribbon drawing the eye across the page and the pretty embellishments you chose next to your oh so elegant tinsel crown photo;)
    I know how you feel about not having lots of photos to use. Some days I feel like I capture everything and other days -- well, it just doesn't happen. :) But I like your LO here - the yellow background paper makes the photos pop.
    I like your yellow background too. It makes an average week look a little more exciting (although it does look like you had fun with that tinsel).
    Such a bright cheerful background! Cute tinsel pictures and great journaling for a "slow" week.
    Great page Becky - I love how you documented a quiet, normal week - those ARE nice to have, huh? Super journaling and wonderful photos and I liked seeing you, too!
    The yellow and blue are really pretty! I love the hanging embellishment too!