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HNC Negative Space


Hilary Locke

HNC Negative Space

I useful chance to scrap the visit we made to the local motorbike show last Sunday. the LO took about an hour, the photo manipulation a bit longer!

ASO_SoElemtry_Paper_SpclBMU_JunkTrunk_Paper and embellishments

I cant say that any of us are real motorbike fans - quite the opposite! But when it's the end of the summer and days for outdoor photography are getting fewer, who can resist the promise of stunts, races and shiny chrome?

    Wow, some neat shots. I really like the way you did your title and the blended photo. Great job with the challenge!
    Wow, great shots - I especially like the one that looks like it was taken from underneath. Neat alpha, too.
    Great photography! I love the one you placed in the background. Neat composition too!
    Great job with your layout, I love how you've blended the tire photo in the background and the different alphas you used for the title add some great interest. Good job! :)
    I really like the tire photo in the background. It sets the mood for the LO. Great job!
    I love the blended photo and the title. Great work on the other photos too. Great layout.
    Yep, the blended photo got me too... you did such a great job giving it texture... I am a little envious! You did it better than I have managed to do! The photos are excellent, I like the blurred motion in the top on and I don't wanna know how dangerous it was getting the second! Great placement to draw the eye :-)
    Great blended photo and the one in the middle is amazing. I like the balance of the picutes on top with the journalling directly underneath.
    Love your blended BG paper and placement of elements. Gorgeous grungy papge :)
    Gorgeous page! I love the overall design with the three photos in line with the journaling on one side. Your title is marvelous! The blended photo of the tire is a wonderful touch. This goes into my favorites!