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Yep, the bowl works pretty good until it is empty.
I decided to go ahead and do a page to match the Chipmunk page.

Capture It 2
Century Gothic

    Great pic. Works just as nicely as the chipmunk. Where do you take your pic from? Are you using a zoom lens? Really sweet page.
    Too, too cute! I love squirrels and they run my yard. I need to get better pics and post.
    Great blending on this page, it adds a neat rustic touch to your layout.
    Squirrel is waiting for you to hurry up and serve him dinner! I'll bet he even has a nickname, by now! Your layout is very sweet and creative. Great photograph, too
    I am loving seeing the variety of pages made using Brandy's SS club this month! What a great page! Mel said it best -rustic - and yet it is a city slick kit... wow. The paint drips work well with the framing and that is quite the photo, well done!
    Great photo - wonderful blending - I'd love to see these little critters up nice & close :)
    I love squirrels and this one is just too cute. Love that he is eating the birdseed. I remember last year when a squirrel ate his way through my bedroom window screen and I found him on my bed surrounded by my cats. Yikes! I managed to get him out the window again. But it wasn't easy.

    Great blending job.
    I love the photo that is blended into the paper. Great collection and lovely colors.