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Colophon Sampler - BarbaraC1977


© 2012, Barbara Crane, all rights reserved

Colophon Sampler - BarbaraC1977

These were fun--easier than a siggy. Thanks for focusing on this great topic today!

    Wonderful Barbara! I can't decide which one I like the best - they are all beautiful!
    These are so pretty Barbara. I agree with Theresa, I can't decide either. They are all so wonderful.
    these are all great!
    Gorgeous, Barbara! I never thought about using gradients on them. I really like how you put from and to on the one!
    Love how these look like are stamped on, great job.
    Love these! Reminds me of my stamping days! I really like the swirled one and the one you put the recipient's name on too.
    Woo hoo, Barbara! You are on a roll! These are great! I especially like the colorful one. Thanks for coming to the chat and sharing your colophons!
    These are all wonderful! I especially like the ornate, multi-colored one.
    I LOVE these Barbara - one is prettier than the other. I especially like the rainbow one, but you've given me so many creative ideas to make more colophons for my cards. Great to see you yesterday, too!
    Nice colophons! I love the swirls in the rainbow one. Boy, that one in the bottom left really looks like it was stamped!