2012-10-06-Sat-Color-Challenge-Card-Back (Colophon)

Here is the back of the card for the Sat Color Challenge. You can see the colophon that I made. It's my typical signature that I put on all of my artwork (not scrapbooking) with a pretty ring of flowers and a coordinating background.


Supplies used:

Scrap Girls: Mandy Steward--MST_SquareCard2;

Thao Cosgrove--DoggyTales Collection;

Shalae Tippets--STI_DynBrush_DecorStitch_4901;

Jacqui Smith--digiDoer School Collection;

Chere Kaye Edwards--Oh Blah Dee Collection (retired);

Ro Paxman--Classical Music Collection;

Brandy Murry--BMU_SSTools_MegaLift I Squared, BMU_SSTools_MegaLift II Circular, BMU_SSTools_MegaLift III Linear, BMU_SSPaper_Circlets2_4;

Sarah Batdorf--SBA_SSStyles_BasicShadows_6501;

Elisha Barnett--EBA_SSStyles_ATCShadows12601;


Other supplies in EXIF



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Very nice that you have developed a personaled "mark" for all of your artwork that you can customize for individual pieces. It is very pretty.

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