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Halloween Possibilities 1999 (H)NC patterned ppr


© debikins

Halloween Possibilities 1999 (H)NC patterned ppr

Just to clarify, the only costumes I had in hand was Winnie the Pooh (Noah) and Tigger (Owen). The rest are extractions of costumes I did then added their faces into them to have a virtual view of what they might have gone as if only....LOL THERE IS NO WAY I TRIED EVERY COSTUME ON MY BOYS....
2ps_MaryAnnWise_Deckled Edge Frames

    Oh, this is just precious! I love that you've saved all of the little costumes for your little one - the pics are awesome and I love the composition of your layout! Fab colors!
    Too adorable!
    Very cute, I love the background.
    Love this Debbie! Clever page perfect for the challenge.
    Your LO caught my eye in the gallery -- so much fun to look at! Great extractions....

    How very, very cute. I love the extractions and the colors. Really beautiful and interesting layout.
    Such a funny idea. I would love to see a parent try and manage their child in the butterfly costume.
    LOL - love this idea! I knew you hadn't tried them all on the boys, lol...they'd have been crying by the 3rd costume;)
    Super fun page!