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Cakes & Cookies, Left - Oct. 9 Challenge

When I saw yesterday's challenge, I knew I had the perfect group of photos - decorated baking! Turns out I didn't have as many pictures as I thought, and most of them were Polaroids, needing lots of editing. But this is a representative group.


My aunt Maxine taught me a little about cake decorating when I was in high school. When DH and I arrived in Okinawa in October 1968 we had no children. There were no jobs available; teachers were hired from the US ahead of time (although I was later able to substitute.) And we had one car; If I wanted to go to the base I had to take Dave to work at about 6:30, drive the 10 miles back to our rented house, and then return when the commissary or BX opened, and then pick him up later. But I was soon bored - only a few hours of TV in English each day, and the neighbors all spoke the local version of Japanese. So I enrolled in classes - Japanese from the University of Maryland overseas, and cake decorating - I took three sessions of that, and donated the products to Dave's office. I continued this hobby for a long time, until the kids were out of high school and a few years beyond. Now I do only cookies at Christmas, and perhaps Easter.

Arthritis in my hands makes long sessions of piping icing very uncomfortable.


The layout for these pages is based on a page posted by Becster here. I looked in the boutique for the template she used, but it's been retired. I really liked the rounded corners and the variety of photo sizes it accommodated. Thanks for the scraplift opportunity, Becky.

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Wow! What wonderful cakes you have made. A great 2-pager pulling the photos together. really sonmething to celebrate - well done.

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Beautiful, beautiful cakes and layout. I know what you mean about the arthritis. That is why I wanted to quit baking the Christmas Santa cookies featured in my layout for this challenge! Now I just have to bake them and my daughter does all the decorating.

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The piping hurts my hands and I don't make anything like these!!! You surely have a talent, I admire your commitment to detail... What a wonderful variety of cakes you have here and I like the template you used, whether it was intended or not... I love what you have done with all these pictures... they all look recent. Wonderful job, enjoyed reading the journalling about each one too :-)

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