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Every year kids all over the country get a chance like the adults to play Carnival their way. On the weekends, of course. And on this weekend, they danced through the streets along the band route. Impressing even the most experienced adults with their energy and stamina, carrying and dancing their costumes come rain or shine.


The girls having tons of fun dancing through the streets in their costumes, with daddy, mommy, uncles, aunts, cousins...all the family and friends... around them to take care of them. It was the baby’s first time playing, and she enjoyed every moment of it. Full of excitement, and energy from all the snacks along the way. The day was filled with music and colour and dancing.

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What colorful costumes! I bet they had a lot of fun. I like how the border paper kind of mimics the yellow pattern in the girls dress. Great job.

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What a cool layout! I love your beautiful and colorful photo and I really enjoyed your journaling - what a fun time! :)

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BEautiful costumes and papers! I'm glad you included the journaling. It makes it so much more meaningful! Nicely done!

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Such bright and colorful costumes. Your background papers really compliment the photos. Looks like everyone had a great time.

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What a wonderful photo! I like that you kept the background fairly simple and uncluttered to let the gorgeous photo shine.

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