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ThursChal_10-11-12 CakeInAMug

ThursChal_10-11-12 CakeInAMug

For the Thursday 10-11-12 Challenge to use elements that we have extracted from photos. Mine are the two ‘cake-in-a-mug’ embellishments.


Barb always has something fun for us to do. After dinner, she pulls out starter packages she has made for each of us to create our own chocolate-cakes-in-a-mug. The first one turns out well . . . however, something seems different looking about J’s as it almost fills up her mug; so we set it on a plate before cooking it in the microwave. Good thing, as it was like a volcano erupting--with lava running down the sides of the mug!!Definitely this year’s Reunion Funny!


Other supplies and fonts are in the EXIF properties.

    OMG -- I love your expressions as you stare at the microwave! LOL!!! This is a cute subject for a page. :)
    Great extractions and funny story. Great memory that you will laugh about for a long time!
    Great page and wonderful journaling! I so enjoyed looking through your photos and reading your story.
    What a fun time you had with friends! The extractions look perfect. Great journaling - love the font you used, perfect for the occasion. I like the different framing for each photo.
    Looks like such a great evening and an important story to capture (the extraction works really well). I love the idea of people making their own cake after dinner, will have to remember that.
    Now this is a great idea! Love how you captured the memory and your use of blended photos and frames. Your extractions look soo very yummy! Great page.
    This is absolutely a winner! I also love your expressions watching the cake in the microwave! What a hoot! Good job on the extractions, too!
    Too funny! You will never hear the end of this cooking disaster so I suggest that you come up with a winner of a recipe for next year's reunion. Those expressions and body language are priceless. I'm looking forward to sharing more of your fun vacation with you through delightful layouts.
    What a fun layout. Great photos and journaling. Love it.
    Your extractions are superb! VERY well done... I too laughed at the looks on the faces of the 3 of you... as you watch the cake become a molten pudding! Great journalling, thanks for sharing!