Rainy Day Play

Playing with Playdough has become Nate's favorite thing to do. We play for 15 minutes and grandma cleans up for 30 minutes!

Value Pack: Arts n Crafty Kids

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They are too sweet. I have this collection. Thanks for the inspiration. Love your colorful layout.

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I love the grid design broken up by the wavy playdough/torn paper border in the center. They are SO cute! And isn't that the truth on cleanup? There was an "incident" with bright blue playdough in my oldest son's room once and now playdough is an "outdoor only" toy here, lol! My neighbor swears by just allowing it to dry out and then vacuuming it up/peeling it off the carpet (yikes).

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Wonderfully fun LO and beautifully done, as always, Joyce. Wow, the boys are getting big so fast. Nate is a mini-version of Nick, isn't he? Great photos captured and it sure does look like fun. (I can't stand the smell of Play Doh, though. I try not to think of it, LOL. But, I can LOOK at it and sure am happy to see it here!)

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