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Christopher's Mask

Christopher's Mask

Christopher and I spent two days making his really horrible looking cast plaster mask and he spent hours painting it to get it to look the way he wanted. It really creeps me out so now it's hidden in his room so I don't have to look at it, but he's very proud of it!

Thanks for looking.......


    It is very scary looking Sara. I can't believe he can go to sleep with it in his room! Great job on the layout. I really like the border of candles. Really adds to the eeriness of the layout.
    As creepy as it is, this layout is very well thought out and put together. The candles against the dark cloud and the skeleton definitely add an eerie light to the darkness of the theme. Maybe the mask will disappear after Halloween????
    Wow-wee! His mask turned out really well, and YES, it's scary! I have 2 boys so understand their fascination w/ masks. Cool how you posted photos of the creation process. The smoke blended with the candles definitely adds to the scary ambiance! Yikes, wouldn't want to run into him on the night he wears it! LOL at Joyce's remark!
    Love all of the photos on this page. The candles are such a great addition. Love the mask too!
    Yes, it's scary...but so artistically done! Wow, you guys did a great job!
    wow! so much detail and it all comes together so perfectly!
    Bizarro! I love the series of photos sowing each stage of the creative process. Neat candle border!
    The creative process is often so messy. Thanks for this interesting layout!
    Awwww it looks very scary - :eekout:
    This is a wonderful layout, Sara! Yes, it's a scary mask but I love the way you have shown the creation of it. Nicely done.