This and That (R side)

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Journaling: For at least six months, your favorite words were “this” and “that.” You usually pointed at the object in question and always said the word as plain as day.You had a few other words you said on a regular basis, among them “dada” and “dah” for dog, but it was the all-purpose, handy-dandy “this” and “that” you said all the time. It was so noticeable that Lydia at People Place (play group) talked to me about how cute it was. Our friends and their children loved to giggle about it and imitate you.”William, what do you want?” “This!” I was amazed you could say the words so clearly. “Th” and “s” are difficult sounds to master. Curiously enough, as your vocabulary eventually expanded exponentially, you could no longer say the “s” sound well at all. Oh well, it served you well while it lasted and you’ll re-learn it soon!

Sketch technique inspired by Joyce Schardt

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Oh my gosh...he is so cute and so happy!! Great photos and your LO is awesome. Really clever and love the layers especially w/ alphas. Like the sketch!,

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