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Oct 2012 Monthly Layout Contest

Oct 2012 Monthly Layout Contest

The grandkids love Halloween. They take the art of collecting candy very seriously, and can out-strategize a Harvard grad any day of the week on that issue. Their motto is to start early, and often. They share information among themselves as to what house has the best treats. They swap out treats between themselves for favorites. It is a stash that is going to last for a long time, because they know that their parents are going to dole it out to them over a long period of time. They get it right the first time. Yes, Halloween is a SERIOUS business!

Black Background fill


    I just love the look on that face!.... so precious. Nice use of the larger blended photo and the spotted paper works so well for your page.
    This is so cute -- the look on that little face cracks me up!
    Precious! Aren't they just too adorable! I love your polka-dot paper with that awesome photo blended in so beautifully!
    Awwww... Such a cute layout and photo. I really like your title and blending. Great page! :)
    How cute! Such a serious face. Nice job on the blending. I like your little curled frame & those adorable embellishments.
    It obviously is serious business. A great picture to scrap.
    I love how you incorporated the papers and embellishments with the blending - awesome photos and page :)
    LOL. Great blending on the background papers.
    How cute. Love the title, the blended background photo and the embellishments beside the picture.
    Cute page - just look at that expression :winking_baby: