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Project 52: Week 40

Except for this past week, I'm caught up!

Journaling reads:

"Adjusting to Mom being home & the care that involves... Monday started a parade of visitors & health care aides. Conkie took Judi to the airport. :(... Terry visited & somehow this guy showed up - never made last Christmas' put-away. Later Ann Marie & I got Mom on the porch for a bit... Tuesday I had a Doctor appointment & spotted these roses outside, but Fall is really on its way. Lots of rain, too. :(. Look what I saw at Kmart - talk about rushing the seasons!... Saturday was "World Card Making Day" & I had a blast making it to all EIGHT SG chats & even made a few cards! :)"

For this layout I used:

TCS Earthen Vessel Collection Biggie

ABR SS Embellishment Templates: Stack Them 4

SG LD Slender Font

and my own photos

  Report Image

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That was pretty impressive - making it to all the chats. Lovely layout again. Those roses are gorgeous against the stone wall. I know what you mean about rushing the season. One of the local stores is already hiring holiday staff. Sigh.

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Wonderful to see your Mum out on the porch like that, obviously it is a nice change to have her home for some sunshine. Laughed at your Santa, I have some reindeer that avoided pack up post xmas too... and we have had decorations in store since August (no halloween to waylay it...). I remember you making it to all those chats, you really shone that week! I love how you make the ordinary extraordinary :-)

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Girl, you do get around, and do a lot of work, too. Then you do a layout that makes it all look fun. Great layout and great outlook!

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