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The Wattle Dress


& 2012 Eden

The Wattle Dress

I'd just been admiring this 1954 William Dargie portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, when I noticed the yellow challenge. This dress was inspired by the Australian wattle. I still can't find who designed it. Any ideas?

Credits in EXIF

    I'm not saying for sure, but I think Norman Hartnell was the Queen's designer for many years. This is a stunning LO - the blending is absolutely perfect.
    Beautifully done!!
    This is beautiful, Eden! Popped right out me on the MB - just lovely. I really like how you used yellow and your gorgeous blending... Just lovely.
    Just beautiful! Your blending makes this a stunning LO.
    I agree this is beautiful, it jumped out as the first think I noticed when I went into the forum. It is by Norman Hartnell; I searched Queen Elizabeth yellow dress and got this link. Look under the second image.
    Stunning is right! Love the way you blended the photo and I love the blingy accents! Thank you for joining the challenge!!
    So pretty!!!! I love it when folks scrap about things they love.
    According to 'Wikipedia': Dargie depicts the Queen wearing a Norman Hartnell mimosa gold tulle dress adorned with sparkling gold wattle motifs. So you were right Hilary.

    This is a beautiful portrait and you did a fabulous job on the layout. Love your blending and all the bling that you added. The Australian Wattle is a beautiful flower and the Queen's dress is absolutely gorgeous.

    Check out http://www.nma.gov.au/collections/highlights/william-dargies-wattle-painting-of-queen-elizabeth-ii for a full length photo of the Queen wearing the dress. Just gorgeous.
    It's a gorgeous photo. Did you do the part on the left? The whole layout looks wonderful. Lovely wordart also.
    exquisite! Lovely blending and thanks for informing us as to what the Wattle is--never heard of it before.