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Do-over Original

Do-over Original

This layout is just out of balance. I'm thinking the big cluster is too big, but perhaps the large photo on top is also throwing things off kilter?

These photos were taken from a garage at work. It was one of those days that were slightly overcast & the leaves were at peak and they just glowed! The technique used on the big photo darkened the colors if anything. I didn't mind the triple embellishments of the challenge, in fact, I have an extra couple sets for the small photo. I love building clusters, although this isn't one of my best.

I used:
apple photos by me
BMU_Kensington_Cream.jpg (one colored)
Photo effects:
landscape illuminator - blur 30, sharpness 5
Created with GIMP

    Your photos are gorgeous Aggie and yes - so warm and glowing. I love your beautiful cluster. Lovely page.
    I love this LO. I don't know why you want to do-it over. I actually like the way the photo looks and how the LO is off balance.
    This jumps off the page in the Gallery! Gorgeous colors and photos. Love that tree....every year I miss that shot of a tree down the street. Glad you got it! I love the clusters and title work, too. If you think it looks off balance, to you, maybe add a photo? I sure wouldn't take anything away from this. It's lovely.
    What a beautiful fall page Aggie --- love your fall photos, very striking!
    love that photo