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Do -Over Chat: Aboretum Layout

Do -Over Chat:  Aboretum Layout

Here's my do-over. Thanks for the suggestions - I hope I remembered them all.
For this layout I used:
ASO Yours Naturally Collection MIni
JRA SS Emb Photo Masks: Watercolor
JDE Watercolor FLorals Collection Mini

    What a difference a few changes made! This flows much better feels more finished to me. Thanks for joining the chat and posting your Do Over!
    I agree with Melanie! This looks great. The clusters help ground the whole layout and the hearts have a home now instead of just floating around. Thanks for joining in on our chat!
    I like your brushed photo edges here.
    I like your brushed photo edges here.
    Love the use of the masks for you photos.
    I like the changes, Marilyn! I like, I like! Very pretty!
    Oooooooooooh what a beautiful layout to showcase your trip to the Aboretum --- I love the masks you used on your beautiful flower photos!
    Great change Marilyn, very pretty
    Nice changes!
    I think the cluster of hearts is a good change - you needed some weight in that corner.