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Siggie Challenge: MariJ

Siggie Challenge:  MariJ

Here's my Anniversary Siggie.
For this Siggie I used:
BMU BSweet Collection Biggie

I added one icing flower
3 more embellishment candles to make 8 on the cake
a purple ribbon
and my name in font and alpha

This was fun - thanks Valerie and Jode!

    Oh Marilyn! This is gorgeous! You used a party theme too, you are too good! Love the cake and candles !!! Such a nice change for you, can't wait to see it round the forums!!!
    Marilyn, you did a great job! I have PSE open and ready to go!
    Your Anniversary cake is awesome in your siggie! Love it! Your name looks really fun too. Great job!
    Love it! I think if you crop the image before you re-size it, it will fill the whole pixel area.
    I really like how you used a birthday cake and your name on the circle. Wonderful siggy.
    So sweet! Literally...love it Mary... :wub:
    Great job, Marilyn! I just love this cake, and the dots and confetti make it so festive!
    Nice job! This turned out great! So festive.
    Yummm, cake! What a fun celebration siggy!
    Fun Siggy, Marilyn! Love the cake...looks yummy:)