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Anniversary Siggie

Okay, I finished my siggy. Not so sure that I like it. However, I'm really only doing this so that I can see if my siggy will show up larger than my last one. So here goes:



Supplies Used:

BHA Blossom and Blooms Fall -- Ivory Flower, Cattails

ASO Antique Violet Collection -- Butterfly, Wire Butterflies

CKA Color Of Fall Collection -- Ribbon, Pumpkin

DEB Autumn Elegance Collection -- Alphas

Font -- Comic Sans

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I agree with April, I think you need to crop it, get rid of all the extra "white" space, before you resize it. I love what you've done though, the butterflies are so you, and I also like your name with the Alphas alternating with the font.

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I like it. Very creative to combine fall with the challenge requirements. I finally figured out today what 'Lorac' stands for too. :)

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I like this!!! So original and still has the butterflies, this screams CAROL! You did so well working the requirements in as well as keeping it Autumnish- thanks for coming to our chat and posting this :-)

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