Other images in 8th Anniversary Party 2012


Supplies used:

Scrap Girls: Jacqui Smith--JSM_dD-School_Emb_Ribbon-3, JSM_dD-StationerySilver_Emb_Clip-2;

Amanda Fraijo-Tobin--AFT_SSEmb_PM_LaceEffect, AFT_LifeMon_Emb_Ribbon1;

Angie Briggs--ABR_CTW_Alpha_Cream-m;

Sarah Batdorf--SBA_SSStyles_BasicShadows_6501;

Trish Yochum--TYO_PinItUp_Paper_Purple (retired);


Other supplies in EXIF


font: Font Garden--FG Cathie's Hand

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I am loving your ribbon work here!!! Two ribbons, great job! I also like how you put the clip in front of the flower and it still looks like the flower centre, lovely combo the purple with the red, it has a real denim feel to it combined with that pretty red... unique and beautiful. Thanks for coming to our chat and making a siggy! (oh and enjoy that brush set!)

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Such fun, bright colors, I love red! Brilliant use of the banner to put your alpha on, really stands out!

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