Other images in 8th Anniversary Party 2012

So Many Freebies! I Love Photography

The leaves are desaturated a little and the red flowers are recolored.1. JCO LMD-Super7Spread Special

2. ACA OppAttract Special

3. BMU Countryside_EMB_Special

4. CED_Skidamarink_Emb_Special

5. COL_SSAlpha_Fabric_Special

6. JRE_ReflectionsOfTheHeart_Special4_Shdw.png

7. EBA_ViaDolorosa_Emb_Special-Ribbon.png

8. AFT_ForHim_Emb_Spcl.png

9. EBA_Homebody_Emb_Ribbon_Special.png

10. AFT_JIF6Plus_MetroDude_Spcl.png

11. AFT_JIF6Plus_MetroDude_Spcl.png

12. CRO_HappyHearts_CM_Emb_Special.png

13. BMU_LaDiDa_Special_2012

14. AFT_LifeMon_Tabs_Spcl_1

15. BMU_CottageRose_Special.png

16. CRO_WanderingGarden_Collection_Biggie_Special_MetalHearts.png

17. EBA_SS_Craft_ATC_Special.png

18. KME_EarlySpring_Emb_Special-Heart.png

19. JRE_ReflectionsOfTheHeart_Paper_Special2.png

20. AFT_Motherly_Frame_Spcl.png

21. JCO_SederNightMini_Special.png

22. ABR_BOY_PaperSpecial_Yellow.jpg

23. LLO_PaintedNature_Emb_Special_Leaf.png

24. AFT_OHD_Emb_Torn_Spcl.png

25. BMU_Zoomba_Paper-2_Special.jpg

26. BMU_LoveHonorCherish_Paper_Special.jpg

27. ABR_SSPaper_BittyPatterns2Spec.jpg

28. BMU_Countryside_Paper-2_Special.png

29. BMU_TypePaths_ShabbyText_Special.png

30. ACA_SSPaper_RoughItUp_Special.jpg

And that's all that would fit! LOL

Oh! the font is LDJ Mothers Typewriter.


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I LOVE this page. What a great job you did so creatively using the freebies AND making a wonderful page. :)

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