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So Many Freebies! I Love Photography

So Many Freebies! I Love Photography

The leaves are desaturated a little and the red flowers are recolored.1. JCO LMD-Super7Spread Special
2. ACA OppAttract Special
3. BMU Countryside_EMB_Special
4. CED_Skidamarink_Emb_Special
5. COL_SSAlpha_Fabric_Special
6. JRE_ReflectionsOfTheHeart_Special4_Shdw.png
7. EBA_ViaDolorosa_Emb_Special-Ribbon.png
8. AFT_ForHim_Emb_Spcl.png
9. EBA_Homebody_Emb_Ribbon_Special.png
10. AFT_JIF6Plus_MetroDude_Spcl.png
11. AFT_JIF6Plus_MetroDude_Spcl.png
12. CRO_HappyHearts_CM_Emb_Special.png
13. BMU_LaDiDa_Special_2012
14. AFT_LifeMon_Tabs_Spcl_1
15. BMU_CottageRose_Special.png
16. CRO_WanderingGarden_Collection_Biggie_Special_MetalHearts.png
17. EBA_SS_Craft_ATC_Special.png
18. KME_EarlySpring_Emb_Special-Heart.png
19. JRE_ReflectionsOfTheHeart_Paper_Special2.png
20. AFT_Motherly_Frame_Spcl.png
21. JCO_SederNightMini_Special.png
22. ABR_BOY_PaperSpecial_Yellow.jpg
23. LLO_PaintedNature_Emb_Special_Leaf.png
24. AFT_OHD_Emb_Torn_Spcl.png
25. BMU_Zoomba_Paper-2_Special.jpg
26. BMU_LoveHonorCherish_Paper_Special.jpg
27. ABR_SSPaper_BittyPatterns2Spec.jpg
28. BMU_Countryside_Paper-2_Special.png
29. BMU_TypePaths_ShabbyText_Special.png
30. ACA_SSPaper_RoughItUp_Special.jpg

And that's all that would fit! LOL

Oh! the font is LDJ Mothers Typewriter.


    Beautiful! AND ... wowser!! A lotta freebies!!
    Absolutely beautiful! Love all of the freebies you've used!
    Awesome, love all those freebies!
    Fun layout! Great use of the freebies.
    Love the coloring of your photo and the colors in your LO. great job on this challenge way to use your freebies.
    WOW!!! Just... WOW! That's a whole lotta freebies put to excellent use! Great work :)
    I LOVE this page. What a great job you did so creatively using the freebies AND making a wonderful page. :)
    Michele what a great job with the freebies - love you photo!
    great use of your freebie stash :)