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Smile! Click!

Smile! Click!

These pictures are among some that I took on our recent outing to the ball game with a group of Church Friends. I can't say that I'm a baseball fan, but I LOVE going to the games! And as I've always got my camera with me there's a lot of "Smile! Click!" going on. Here is my DD Katie with her adopted grandmother, Ruth. I used:

Click! Collection Super Mini

which is designed to coordinate with the new charity collection 1 Scrap Girls Story Teller Collection, which was released in commemoration of Scrap Girls 8th anniversary.

    Oh, oh, oh! I LOVE THIS, Elisha! Can't wait to use this collection myself! I just love the background and the way you've arranged your photos! Love the splashes of red and teal and your title is perfect! LOVE IT!

    I couldn't resist! I did one too! http://scrapgirls.ne...-picture-nanny/ I hope you like it!